I am a self confessed list lover. 12 lists to keep you organisedI absolutely adore a good list and find they keep me much more organised and help life run smooth – especially now we’ve added 2 kids into the mix!

I realised the other day that I have quite a few ‘running lists’ on my phone, that I use to keep organised. Most of the time I just use the notes app on my iphone, but anything that syncs between devices works great. That way, regardless of which device you’re on, you can update your list as soon as you think of something.

So, without further ado … here are my favourite running lists…

1. Groceries

Self explanatory. I’ll often add my shopping straight into the tescos app, but in case I’m not able to do that I keep a running list of things we need, which I can then check when doing a shop.

2. To Do

General to do list. Items might include including calls I need to make, appointments to make or confirm, non groceries items we need to buy, irregular household chores that need to be done and so forth.

3. Packing Lists

This one is especially handy now we’ve kids and there is so much of their stuff to remember. I have a few different packing lists for all of us depending on where we are go. One for if we’re going to be staying overnight at my parents, one for when we go away in Ireland and one when we go on summer holidays. I’m currently using last year’s summer holiday list to rewrite a packing list for this year – so handy!

4. Wish Lists

These are handy for when other people want to buy you, or one of your kids, a present. Basically any time I think of something I’d like, for either myself or one of the kids, I’ll add it to the list. That way if someone asks, you have something good to suggest, rather than a vague ‘I don’t mind’ which actually makes their life harder!

5. House Projects

A list of house projects we want to do. Whether big or small. Current list includes both ‘hang kitchen gallery wall’ and ‘repave driveway’. It’s just handy to have a list of everything we want to do, that way when we are doing our budget we can prioiritise our money based on what projects we want to work on next.

6. Important information

This list is very handy to have to hand. I keep various private, personal information on it, but include things like health insurance numbers, so that if we’re at the doctors and need to fill out a form I have all of our numbers to hand in one place.

How To Be An Organised Mom7. Favourite Dinners

Having a list of all our tried and tested dinners makes meal planning so quick and easy!

8. New Meals To Try

Another list that makes meal planning easy! If I fancy trying a new meal some week I just check this list and pick something.

9. Presents

This is a list of things that might have caught my eye months before someone’s birthday or Christmas, but I know they’ll like. Rather than buying it 6 months in advance and having to store it all that time, I just keep a list and then buy it nearer the time. It also means if I find an even better present I can buy that instead, rather than having to pass it by because I already bought something months ago.

10. TV Shows & Films To Watch

I often find if we have an evening where the kids go down early and we’ve no chores or work to do, that we scratch our heads blankly over what we want to watch on tv. Rather than watch something random that might not be good, it’s handy to keep a list of things you know you’d like to watch.

11. Books To Read

Like the tv and films list. I like to have a running list of books I want to read. Then when I finish a book I can check my list, rather than blindly choosing something from the kindle store and regretting my purchase!

12. My Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve recently gotten into the capsule wardrobe movement and I have to say I love it! I’ve done a purge and written up a list of the items I need to purchase to complete my wardrobe. I also have a list of all the things I’ve kept in my wardrobe. So if I’m out and see something nice I can quickly see if it will integrate well into my current wardrobe, or if I should pass it by. This has not only saved me money, but I’m also so much happier with my wardrobe now too!

So there you have it! My favourite lists to help keep me organised. When used in conjunction with our family’s shared calendar, and our ‘keep things calm’ routine, it helps keep everything moving along nice and smoothly.

Do you love lists too? Let me know your favourites in the comments!

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