In case you’re not aware, it’s Father’s Day on 18th June. Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is actually celebrated on the same day by the vast majority of countries who celebrate the day. So whether 10 perfect gifts for father's dayyou’re in Ireland, France, Canada, the US, the UK or Mexico, it’s Father’s Day next Sunday so you better make sure to pick up something for your Dad and/or the father of your kids (unless they’re old enough to organise it themselves of course!).

To make things a little easier I’ve put together a gift guide which covers a range of interests and hits on a range of price points (from £8 upwards!), so there should be something to suit everyone.

1. Bose Wireless, Noise Cancelling Headphones £329.95

These are not cheap, but both myself and my hubby have the wired version of these headphones and they are amazing. We’ve both had them years now and they are still working just as well as when we got them. They are especially great on planes or if you’re working in a shared office environment. They really help to drown out the background noise. I would love to upgrade to the wireless version myself at some point.

2. Marshall Kilburn Black Bluetooth Speaker £189

I suffered very badly with hyperemesis gravidarum on my last pregnancy, so was on bedrest at home for a huge portion of my pregnancy. Reading or watching tv could make the nausea even worse, so I listened to a lot of music, podcasts and audiobooks. We decided to invest in this speaker, so I could stop using my built-in iphone speakers, and the sound quality is amazing! Definitely a great present if it’s in your budget.

3. Personalised iPhone Case €20 – €25

This is a gift I’ve actually given to a few different people and they’ve all loved it! You can upload your own photos to personalise the phone case. I gave my husband one with a photo of him and our son on the case, and he’s still using it a few years later. I always opt for the ‘tough case’ as our phones get dropped a lot thanks to the kiddos!

4. Personalised ‘To The Moon & Back’ Keyring £7.90

Most parents of young kids will be familiar with the bedtime story ‘Guess How Much I Love You‘, so this keyring would be a lovely gift, and you can even get the back personalised.

5. Muhle R89 Safety Razor & Silvertip Set II €142.95

This is another present I previously bought my husband and he loves it. You get a much closer shave than with a regular disposable razor and it’s much gentler too, which is great for those with sensitive skin. You could also just opt for the razor, which at €33.95 is a much cheaper option than going for the full set.

6. Craft Beer Hamper or Subscription €13.99 –  €80

If the father in your life is a beer lover, then a craft beer hamper would go down a treat, or if you wanted to pick a gift that keeps on giving, why not opt for a monthly beer club subscription!

7. Laphroaig 10 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky £35

If whisky is more his thing, then definitely try out this one. It’s a change of pace from the usual Jameson, Bushmills, The Famous Grouse or Johnnie Walker whiskys most people buy. This one is brewed in a distillery on Islay, off the coast of Scotland and has a rich, smoky flavour.

8. Homemade Baked Goodies

I’m a huge fan of giving family and friends homemade baked goods. I think people really appreciate the thought and effort that goes into baking something from scratch. It can also be fairly inexpensive depending on your recipe and what’s in your cupboard already. I love baking my favourite chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing – will definitely do a blog post next time I make them!

9. Photography Session

A photography session can be an amazing gift and many studios will do special offers for events like father’s day. For example, our local photographers, who we’ve use for all our family and baby photos since the kids were born, are doing an offer of a studio session plus gift portrait for €75 for Father’s Day. But the price could be lower or higher in different places so definitely shop around your local area!

10. A Meal – With You!

Lastly, if possible, a meal out would be lovely. It’s so easy to let the weeks go by in a blur of busy, busy, busy, especially when you have kids yourself, but we all eat everyday, so if you can, take your Dad out for a meal, or invite him over to have a meal with you and his grandchildren – he’ll love it! And for your own partner, a change of scene is always nice, so a meal out (with or without the kids!) would be a great gift for him too.

Hopefully you’ve got some good ideas now, so happy gift giving and enjoy the day!


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