Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

This is not my first blog. In fact, it’s not even my second blog.

Myself and the hubby had a travel blog back in 2008, which we used to keep our friends and family up to date on our travels, as we spent a summer traveling around South America. That was the first time I blogged.

Next I had a marketing blog back in 2011/2012 when we lived in San Francisco. I stopped because I worked in marketing (still do for that matter), and blogging about your day job after your day job finishes can be all consuming; I didn’t have anywhere different for my brain to go and it started to become a chore.

Finally, I had a lifestyle / organising / baking blog in 2013 which I started after we’d moved back home to Dublin. I really enjoyed that blog and it gave me a great creative outlet, outside my 9-to-5, because I could blog about all the other things I was interested in. The blog was growing quite well in terms of traffic too, but when I became pregnant with our first child I suffered terribly with hyperemesis gravidarum (yes, the thing Kate Middleton had) and it just wasn’t possible to continue the blog. Unfortunately my domain fell due for renewal while I was ill and I missed the reminders so the blog lapsed and some bot bought up my domain <rolls eyes>.

I’ve thought about setting up a new blog several times over the last couple of years, and finally I thought, why not! So here we are 🙂

These days I’m a mama to two littles, and currently still on maternity leave. I still love baking and organising but there’s now a lot of new parenting-related interests in my life too, so I imagine this new blog will cover all sorts. I would basically like it to feel like a cup-of-tea-and-a-chat with your mom friends, so no topics are off limits, but some will probably get more air time than others.

Hopefully you’ll join me for the chats, and I’m sure there’ll be the occasional cake as well!


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